Top 10 Gaming Laptops in 2022

Top 10 Gaming Laptops

It’s true that most gamers rely in heavy PCs for gaming, but you can’t deny the fact that gaming laptops have their value. With the advancements in processors and graphics cards, laptops have become as powerful as a fully-equipped PC and provide the same amazing experience. Below I have shared detailed reviews top 10 Gaming Laptops in 2022.

If you’re looking to buy a gaming laptop, then you’re in the right place because we’ve compiled a list of the best gaming laptops in 2021. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and we’ve mentioned them so that you can pick one easily.

1. MSI GE75 Raider 17 Premium

MSI GE75 Raider 17 Premium Gaming Laptop

MSI GE75 is a pretty prodigious gaming laptop for seasoned gamers and is good for designers and video editors as well. It’s got I7 10 generation processor in it with a maximum ram of 64 GB DDR4 for amazing performance. It has a 1 Terabyte SSD for speed and is equipped with NVIDIA’s powerful RTX 2070 for high-resolution graphics. Now, let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

  • Great bench mark results for games in 1080p resolution
  • Thin-bezel design for a fresh look
  • Better speakers
  • Right port selection for ease of access
  • Display doesn’t support G-synch
  • Heats up quickly
  • Poor quality web cam
  • Short battery life

2. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

Predator is a well-renowned name in the gaming world and is a gamer’s first choice. It has an i7 9th generation processor in it and has 16 GB DDR4 ram for speed. For graphics support, it’s got GTX 1660Ti and has 15.6 inches display for that 1080p 60 frames plus gaming performance that people want. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

  • Good cooling mechanism
  • Expandability of up to three storage devices
  • Amazing over clocking feature
  • Good port selection for usage
  • Graphics card is not good for new games
  • Sharp corners in design
  • 144 Hz display doesn’t go well with fps games

3. Sager NP7859PQ Gaming Laptop

Sager NP7859PQ Gaming Laptop

Sager NP isn’t a popular name in the gaming world, but it’s still loved by gamers and professionals alike. It’s got a core i7 11th generation processor with a maximum capacity for 64 GB DDR4 ram for speed. It is equipped with the latest NVIDIA graphics card that is RTX 3060 with 6 GB dedicated VRAM for ray tracking and a smooth gaming experience. Here are this laptop’s pros and cons:

  • Great FPS in all sorts of games
  • Advanced Ray tracing ability
  • Clean look and great design
  • Good heat management
  • Short battery life
  • Hard to get keyboard design
  • No expandable ram slots

4. ASUS TUF Gaming A17

ASUS TUF Gaming A17 Gaming Laptop

Asus is a name of trust and quality in the gaming world, and they have done an excellent job with TUF A17. This laptop boasts Ryzen 7 in its core with a 16 GB DDR4 ram for maximum speed and performance. For graphics, it’s got GTX 1660ti with 6 GB dedicated VRAM for smoothing the gaming experience. Also, it’s got 17.3 inches display which is bigger than most gaming laptops. Here are its pros and cons:

  • Ryzen 7 delivers powerful gaming experience
  • Amazing battery life
  • Great FPS on 1080p resolution
  • No SD card slot
  • Supports only Wi-Fi 5 networking
  • No thumb print authentication

5. Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

Acer Nitro 5 AN517-41-R0RZ Gaming Laptop

Acer is well known for making amazing gaming laptops and Nitro 5 is one of their best creations. On its core, it’s got an AMD Ryzen 7 with a 16 GB DDR4 Ram for smooth performance. Also, it has RTX 3060 for spectacular gaming frames per second, and has 1 TB of SSD for storage and steady speed. Following are its pros and cons:

  • Spectacular performance on 1080p resolution
  • Good battery life
  • Expandable storage
  • Supports WIFI 6 networking
  • A meager 256 GB SSD for boot
  • Non ergonomic keyboard design
  • No slot for micro SD or SD card

6. LG GRAM 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

 LG GRAM 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

LG isn’t well known for building gaming equipment, but LG gram proved to be a good start for it. It boasts a 10th generation core I7 processor with a 16GB DDR4 Ram for speed and performance. It comes with a 512 GB SSD drive for smoothing gaming and 17 inches big display that supports 4k resolution. Here are LG Gram’s pros and cons:

  • Light weight build
  • Sleek design
  • Easy keyboard control
  • Signature LG display
  • There are no configuration options
  • Not a good graphics card for gaming
  • Pathetic sound quality

7. Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptops

Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop

Every gamer knows the Razer brand and is well aware of its spectacular reputation in gaming equipment. Blade 15 has an i7 10th generation processor in its core and is equipped with 16 GB RAM for speed. For gaming performance, it has a GTX 1660ti with dedicated 6GB VRAM, and 256 GB SSD to run games smoothly. Here are its pros and cons:

  • Minimalistic design
  • Refresh rate of 300HZ
  • Well calibrated 4k Display
  • Not so good battery life
  • Only 16GB Ram which is not enough for running games
  • Poor heat management
  • GTX 1660ti is older card and doesn’t support new games

8. Lenovo Legion 5

Lenovo Legion 5 Gaming Laptop

This is the reason why Lenovo is famous and they are stepping foot in gaming too. This magnificent gaming laptop has Ryzen 7 to its core and has 16 GB 3200 MHZ DDR4 Ram for speed. For gaming, it’s equipped with NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti and got an LCD with 144 HX for a smooth gaming experience. Here are its pros and cons:

  • Amazing screen
  • Upgradable Ram and storage
  • Sturdy design
  • Great hardware controls
  • Heavy for its size
  • Battery life isn’t good
  • Mic and Speakers are of poor quality
  • Poor quality webcam
  • Poor heat management

9. ASUS ROG G531

ASUS ROG G531GT-BI7N6 15.6" FHD Gaming Laptop

ROG series is what Asus takes pride in gaming laptops because they are very good indeed. It has a core i7 9th generation processor for power and 8 GB DDR4 ram for performance. Also, it’s got a stock 512 GB SSD drive for a smooth gaming experience and has a dedicated graphics card GTX 1650 Ti for great fps. Following are its pros and cons:

  • Smooth fps for games
  • Excellent quality webcam
  • Ergonomic keyboard for better use
  • Cool extras in box
  • Poor battery timing
  • Fans cause too much noise
  • Poor mic and speakers

10. HP Pavilion 16.1 Inch Gaming Laptops

HP Pavilion 16.1 inch Gaming Laptop

HP has been producing high-quality laptops and pcs for years now and has started making gaming laptops as well. It has I5 10th generation at its core and comes with 8 GB DDR4 Ram. For graphics, it has got GTX 1660 Ti 6 GB and a 144 HZ screen so for smooth fps performance. Here are its pros and cons:

  • Attractive and sturdy design
  • Ergonomic keyboard design
  • Great quad core performance
  • Great audio and mic quality
  • Colors are bland on screen
  • Poor power delivery
  • Slow Wi-Fi transfer rate
  • Slow SSD


With gamers trusting on portable devices more and more, the need for high performing gaming laptops has increased. All of these laptops are no doubt excellent in their own way, but it’s a saying that all laptops aren’t built the same. We hope that you found these rankings useful and they helped you pick a perfect laptop for yourself.

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